female Orgasms

3 Surprising Facts About female Orgasms

Fortunately for women, the days are over when it is common to have sex and not reach Femail Orgasms. As sex experts delve deeper into female sexuality, awareness of the female orgasm became stronger. Nowadays, women achieve orgasms as often as men do in ejaculating – and they are even happier in the sense that they are capable of reaching multiple orgasms.

A quick look at what happens when a woman reaches orgasm

female Orgasms satisfactionFirst, let’s take a close look at what happens when a woman reaches orgasm. Of course, this is completely from the perspective of a man. Imagine what happens to your body when you ejaculate. There’s basically a tightening in your balls and an almost fluid feeling when you get close. This sexual experience is very similar to what a woman experiences during a Femail orgasm.

For a woman, reaching orgasm means feeling like no other, with the agitation slowly building to such a point that her vagina “sways” and contracts almost every second. This pleasure that you feel after ejaculating is similar to the feeling that a woman is reaching an orgasm – minus the production of fluid.

And you’ll be glad to know that some women are able to achieve multiple orgasms if they wish and if you are as good as a lover. So it’s fine to first “tune” her by first reaching orgasm through oral sex – and then taking part in the action if you penetrate her later. At this time she will be ready for her second, third, or even fourth orgasm!

Myths about the Femail Orgasms

Despite sexually liberated times; there are still myths about the female orgasm that still exists today. First, there is the myth that something is wrong with a woman when she cannot have an earthquake orgasm. That’s not true at all, because most women have orgasms without them being aware of it. At every sexual contact, they reach a climax of excitement that feels like reaching orgasm.

Another consistent myth is that “normal” women can reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. However, a large proportion of the female population cannot achieve female orgasm this way. Instead, they can achieve this through a combination of sexual intercourse and oral stimulation – or even by oral stimulation alone.

3 things men need to know about the female orgasm

Here are the three things every man should know about female orgasm:

When men need two to five minutes of direct stimulation to get an orgasm, the average woman needs about 20 minutes of direct stimulation. So, the moral of the story is that you should be patient, refresh, and try to suppress your own happiness as long as possible.

This is especially true for women who have problems with the production of natural lubrication. If you want to reach the point without return, give it at least 20 minutes lead.

Women also experience the equivalent of “blue balls”. You already know what blue balls mean but you probably did not know that women also have an equivalent of it. As soon as she turns on, the clitoris fills with blood. If this is not triggered by an orgasm, she will feel the same level of discomfort that you feel in your penis if your sexual tension is not resolved.

For example, if you take action against them, you will help build up the tension through stimulation to achieve this blast of salvation – which is already female orgasm.

Apart from the obvious benefits of female orgasm, there are also health benefits that are of benefit to her. Suppose women needed another reason to achieve an orgasm, except that it is extremely pleasant. Health benefits include less pain sensitivity, relief of menstrual cramps, and stress.

There you have it – the three most important facts about the female orgasm that men need to know about. So, what are you waiting for? Sharpen your sexual techniques now so that you can give that special woman a female orgasm in her life she does not have to forget!